Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide treats mild to severe acne. It is used alongside other acne treatments. It works by minimizing acne-causing bacteria, which dries the skin and make it peel.

How to use Benzoyl peroxide

If you’re a first time user, test for any allergic reaction. To do this, place a little amount on one area of acne for 3 days. If you react to the product, discontinue immediately and seek medical help. But If you’re not allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide, you can use it.

There are different Benzoyl peroxide medications available. You can buy some without a prescription. But some products like foams, cleansers, or lotions may need a prescription. Visit a pharmacist or a doctor to know the best product for you.

Further, if you want to self-treat by using an over-the-counter product, adhere to every direction written on the product’s package before applying the medication

Place Benzoyl peroxide on areas of that is affected by acne. To avoid irritation, don’t let any medication get into your nose, eyes, mouth, or on any sensitive parts of your body. If this happens, flush the area with a lot of water.

Note that Benzoyl peroxide may bleach fabrics or hair.  Use with caution, and avoid contact with furnishings, hair, and clothing.

The Side Effects

Skin reactions like reddened skin, itching, peeling, irritation, may occur, particularly at the beginning of treatment. If the side effects worsen or persist for more than three days, visit your doctor or pharmacist immediately. Also, you may need to apply the products in small quantity or use it a few times only. Visit your physician or pharmacist if you notice adverse reactions.


Benzoyl peroxide may make your skin very sensitive to the sunlight. Minimize your time under the sun. Further, avoid sunlamps and tanning booths. Wear protective clothing and apply sunscreen when outdoors. Consult your doctor immediately if you develop redness, blisters or sunburn.

For lactating mothers, this uses Benzoyl peroxide only when it’s needed. Also, discuss the benefits and risks with your doctor before applying the product.

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