Causes of Rosacea

Medical skin experts have so far, been unable to come up with established causes of rosacea. However, some factors are believed to contribute to the condition. Some of them are highlighted below;

  1. Abnormal facial blood vessels

Skin care experts have suggested that the persistent redness, flushing and visible blood vessels on the face of someone suffering from rosacea are all caused by some abnormalities in the facial blood vessels. There are no concrete medical explanations for the inflammation of the facial blood vessels yet.

  1. Light skin

Rosacea is most common in people that are light-skinned. A large percentage of people suffering from rosacea are light-complexioned.

  1. Demodex folliculorum

Also known as microscopic mite, it is found on human skin and does no visible harm to the skin. But, in patients with rosacea, these mites are usually found in large numbers on the skin. It has not been established yet whether rosacea attracts the insects or the insects cause rosacea.

  1. Hereditary factors.

Most people with rosacea have at least one close relative who is suffering from the condition or has suffered from it in the past.

  1. pylori bacteria.

This bacteria is responsible for the production of bradykinin which makes blood vessels dilate. This bacteria is found in the gut, and experts believe it may contribute to the occurrence of rosacea.

Apart from these likely factors that may contribute to the occurrence of rosacea, some other factors can make the condition worse or trigger the condition. These factors increase blood flow to the skin surface which can make things worse for someone suffering from rosacea. Below are some of them;

  • Hot drinks or food.
  • Extreme temperature.
  • Sunlight and extreme humidity or wind.
  • Intense emotions such as anger and stress.
  • Hot baths.
  • Medications for high blood pressure.
  • Alcohol, etc.

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